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February 15, 2009

2009-01-26 to 2009-02-15 Training Cycle Summary

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Date Time of day Location Category Distance (mi) Time Avg. pace (min/mi) Calories Avg. HR Climb (ft) Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3a Zone 3b Zone 4a Zone 4b Zone 5 Notes
Week of 01/26 Total:
San Francisco, CA (Multiple) 32.31 05:24:38.00 10:03:00.00 2451 155 +2457 / -2423 3:24 01.5% 7:37 03.4% 9:38 04.3% 1:12:45 32.1% 2:02:35 54.2% 10:02 04.4% 0:17 00.1%
01/27/09 06:45 PM Evening San Francisco, CA Running 5.2 00:49:00.00 09:25:00.00 0
0 / 0

First run of the new training cycle. HR was elevated inspite of trying to run it easy.

01/29/09 06:45 PM Evening San Francisco, CA Running 5.4 00:49:20.00 09:08:00.00 0
0 / 0

HR still elevated during the run. Mostly in the 150s during the run after the warm up

01/31/09 11:28 AM Midday San Francisco, CA Running 9.16 01:18:42.00 08:36:00.00 1082 157 +176 / -180 0:39 00.8% 2:49 03.6% 1:51 02.4% 16:03 20.4% 53:04 67.4% 4:16 05.4%
Probably ran it harder than I should have. The 3.5 week lay off from training resulted in very high HR through most of the run
02/01/09 10:49 AM Morning San Francisco, CA Running: Trail 12.55 02:27:36.00 11:46:00.00 1369 155 +2281 / -2243 2:45 01.9% 4:48 03.3% 7:47 05.3% 56:42 38.4% 1:09:31 47.1% 5:46 03.9% 0:17 00.2% Beautiful day for a trail run. The plan called for 90-150 min easy run with HR is zone 3b on the uphills. Once again HR was way too high. Felt good through out the run. Had 1 e-gel, 1 Clif Shot Blok packet and 1 Powergel during the run for a total of 450 cals and 40 oz of water along with 2 salt sticks. Had a 20 oz bottle of Gatorade, 1 packet of Honey Stinger chews and 20 ozs of water after the run.
Week of 02/02 Total:
San Francisco, CA (Multiple) 46.27 07:53:34.00 10:14:00.00 5266 148 +4416 / -4395 19:50 04.2% 27:10 05.7% 2:14:29 28.4% 3:46:02 47.7% 32:02 06.8% 19:59 04.2% 14:02 03.0%
02/03/09 06:58 PM Evening San Francisco, CA Running 4.09 00:45:29.00 11:08:00.00 444 131 +99 / -78 17:23 38.2% 5:56 13.0% 8:05 17.8% 13:22 29.4% 0:43 01.6%

This was supposed to be a recovery run. 2 miles in to the run my stomach started cramping and I was forced to walk most of the way back. Oh well.
02/05/09 06:48 PM Evening San Francisco, CA Running 9.36 01:22:15.00 08:47:00.00 1108 150 +173 / -172 0:45 00.9% 1:27 01.8% 12:33 15.3% 58:09 70.7% 9:21 11.4%

Nice run. HR was in the prescribed range for most of the run. Slight head wind in sections of both the out and the back.
02/06/09 06:47 PM Evening San Francisco, CA Running 5.38 00:51:18.00 09:32:00.00 636 139 +104 / -115 0:55 01.8% 7:18 14.2% 43:05 84.0%

Tried to keep HR <= 140 and was mostly successful. Legs were achy most of the run with the right quad feeling the worst.
02/07/09 10:07 AM Morning San Francisco, CA Running 8.04 01:06:29.00 08:16:00.00 958 160 +151 / -148 0:19 00.5% 0:14 00.4% 3:16 04.9% 16:13 24.4% 13:27 20.2% 19:17 29.0% 13:43 20.6% Plan: WU, 0.5m @ MPace, 0.5m @ TPace, 1m @ MPace, 0.5m @ TPace, 2m@MPace, 0.5 @ TPace, CD. VDot=39, MPace: 8:58/m, TPace: 8:10/m. Actual: Ran much faster than the plan. TPace was in the 7:30/m range and MPace was in the planned TPace range. HR was way too high because of that. It was a gorgeous day though.
02/08/09 10:05 AM Morning San Francisco, CA Running: Trail 19.4 03:48:03.00 11:45:00.00 2120 148 +3889 / -3882 0:28 00.2% 12:15 05.4% 1:07:30 29.6% 2:18:18 60.6% 8:31 03.7% 0:42 00.3% 0:19 00.1% Tennesse Valley to Muir Beach using Coyote Ridge trail, back to TV though Pirate’s Cove. Then did last weeks loop on the other side of TV: Marincello Trail -> Alta Trail -> SCA Trail -> Coastal Trail up to Conzelman Rd to Rodeo Valley up to Wolf Ridge down on Wolf Ridge trail and down to TV on Cold Springs Trail. Consumed 3 GU Roctanes, 1 e-gel, 1 Clif Shot Blok packet and 1 Powergel along with 3 Salt sticks (one per hour) and about 60 ozs of water for a total of about 750 cals during the run. After the run had 40 ozs of water and 2 Honey stinger chew packets and 1 fruit bar for a total of 465 calories. Quads and hamstrings were sore after about 2:30. Tried to keep HR below 155.
Week of 02/09 Total:
(Multiple) (Multiple) 50.57 09:10:49.00 10:54:00.00 5784 148 +5312 / -5320 5:27 01.0% 1:28:24 16.0% 2:41:22 29.3% 2:54:24 31.7% 1:54:41 20.8% 6:21 01.2% 0:10 00.0%
02/10/09 05:59 PM Evening San Francisco, CA Running 5.18 00:49:05.00 09:28:00.00 616 143 +138 / -147 0:12 00.4% 3:27 07.0% 45:02 91.7% 0:24 00.8%

Tried to keep HR below 145 and was successful for the most part. Tail wind on the way out and head wind on the way back. Started drizzling in the last mile.
02/12/09 05:27 PM Afternoon San Francisco, CA Running 10.62 01:30:52.00 08:33:00.00 1262 156 +207 / -212 0:34 00.6% 0:35 00.6% 6:54 07.6% 23:28 25.8% 54:33 60.0% 4:48 05.3%
Plan called for 90+ min run with WU, 5 mins @ MPace, 20-25 mins @ TPace, down to 3a/3b HR zone and then CD. Actual: WU for about 1.5 miles, a little over 0.5 miles @ MPace, about 3 miles @ TPace and the rest in the 3b zone and finally 1.5-2 miles of CD. MPace and TPace were faster than for a VDot of 39. Felt good during the run but am tired after the run.
02/13/09 06:57 PM Evening San Francisco, CA Running 5.21 00:48:28.00 09:19:00.00 620 141 +134 / -135
13:29 27.8% 30:09 62.2% 1:36 03.3% 2:44 05.6% 0:20 00.7% 0:10 00.3% Man that hurt. Not sure what is going on during recovery runs after mid-week long runs. I am probably dehydrated. Quads and ankles hurt and effort seemed harder that what the HR indicated.
02/14/09 10:33 AM Morning San Francisco, CA Running 13.2 01:56:12.00 08:48:00.00 1562 156 +305 / -320 0:13 00.2% 0:03 00.0% 0:10 00.1% 1:00:36 52.2% 53:57 46.4% 1:13 01.0%
Plan: 90-120 mins w/ WU, 3-4 miles at MPace, rest is 3a/3b and CD. Actual: The MPace segment was probably in the 42-43 VDot range (39 was the plan). Tail wind on the out and stiff head wind (nothing like CO though) on the way back. Felt good most of the time.
02/15/09 10:22 AM Morning Mt Diablo, CA Running: Trail 16.36 04:06:12.00 15:03:00.00 1724 143 +4527 / -4506 4:28 01.8% 1:10:50 28.8% 1:19:07 32.1% 1:28:20 35.9% 3:27 01.4%

Plan called for 3:30-4:00 run. I decided to do the 4 Peaks in the Mt. Diablo State Park. With the crappy weather that was a big mistake. The wind was howling on the exposed ridges and it was truely miserable above Prospector’s Gap going to North Peak. The steep climb up to North peak was treacherous with slushy snow. I tried continuing on to Olympia peak but it was too slick to risk it. I carefully picked my way back to Prospector’s Gap and then the misery quotient pegged out. It was cold on the top with lots of snow. Both my hands were frozen but there was the long downhill to look forward to. I was in no mood to run on the slushy, slick trails. So I ran down the road to Juniper camp ground and continued on Deer flat Road to Mitchell Canyon Trail back to the trail head. I was surely dehydrated as I consumed only 40 ozs of water but so far I have not felt it. I was also consuming less calories than normal. Over the course of the run I had 2 Gu Roctanes, 1 Clif Shot Blok packet and 1 Honey Stinger chew packet along with 1 salt stick. 560 cals for 4 hours but I did not feel my energy level being low. However after finishing I gulped down a lot of water, 1 smoked turkey bite packet, 1 honey stinger chew packet and stopped by a BK to get Chicken fries, Potato fries and a humongous root beer. That was a treat for sticking with it and not bailing out early. It was a long, slooooow run.

Grand Total:
(Multiple) (Multiple) 129.15 22:29:01.00 10:27:00.00 13501 149 +12186 / -12139 28:41 02.3% 2:03:11 09.8% 5:05:29 24.4% 7:53:11 37.8% 4:29:18 21.5% 36:22 02.9% 14:29 01.2%


August 5, 2008

Training log

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Date Scheduled Actual
2008-07-17 Recovery Run Did this on Baseline Road out to 76th and back in a little over 44 mins
2008-07-18 Mpace workout. WU for 20-25 mins, 9-10 miles@MPace, CD for 10-15 mins – 1:39:44 (10.5 miles in 1:34:39)
2008-07-19 Silver Rush 50 miler in Leadville. 2-3 hours in 3a/3b, Run downhills hard, Push some of the climbs later in the run Got the date of the race wrong. So did an easy recovery run on South Boulder Trail. – about 45 mins
2008-07-20 X-training on Elliptical or 30 mins plod along real slow Silver Rush 50 miler in Leadville. It was a short course (a little over 46 miles). Had a great race going out reaching the turn around in 5:05. Altitude and stomach issues bothered me on the way back. The climbs felt very labored and slow. Could not run the downhills much in the last 7 miles because of stomach cramping. Once I visited the bushes things got better and I was able to finish strong in 11:08. Very little soreness after the race.
2008-07-21 Recovery run for 45-70 mins Returned to SF on the earliest flight. Decided to rest because I was tired and had a very early start to the day.
2008-07-22 1.5-2 hours. 20 mins in zone 2, rest in 3a, 7-10 x 30 sec strides on flat/uphill Recovery run for a little over 45 mins on my regular route along the Embarcadero.
2008-07-23 1.5-2 hours, WU for 30 mins zone 2/3a, Progressive run. Pick up pace by 15-20 secs per mile for 60-75 mins to get to Mpace/TPace for 1-2 miles Did the run scheduled for 2008-07-21. Did a total of 7 strides on an uphill. The strides felt good. Total time was 1:35 and average HR was 155 and maximum was 167.
2008-07-24 Off Off
2008-07-25 Recovery Run for 45-70 mins Did this run on my recovery route. 5.17 miles in 45:43 for an average pace of 8:51and an average HR of 137:
2008-07-26 2 hours on trails if possible. 20-30 mins in zone 2/3a. [2-3]x15-20 mins uphill@LT HR, recovery on the downhills. Did the run scheduled for 2008-07-23. 12 miles in 1:41:13 for an average pace of 8:25 and an average HR of 154. The mile splits were: 8:27, 8:18, 7:47, 7:44, 8:35 (stopping and weaving through a crowd and hill), 7:57, 7:45, 8:52 (hill), 8:27, 8:00, 9:30, 9:40.
2008-07-27 Did this in Rodeo beach. Did the first 32 mins along the road. Then did 3 hill repeats on the coastal trail up to the top of all the steps and back down. The uphill splits were 15:54, 16:40, 16:29 and the downhill splits were 10:26, 10:40, 10:51. Total time 1:52:40 for 9.8 miles. Unfortunately I took the wrong HR monitor.
2008-07-28 Off Off
2008-07-29 75-90 mins in 2/3a with 10-12 hill strides of 30 secs. Did this on my regular route. Unfortunately garmin ate the run data. The strides felt very labored.
2008-07-30 Recovery Run for 45-70 mins Ran without watch just by feel on my regular recovery route
2008-07-31 Recovery Run for 45-70 mins Feeling tired. So I decided to run again without a watch on my regular recovery route.
2008-08-01 LT Hill repeats. 20-30 min WU/2x(40-45 min) LT effort uphill. Recover on the downhill. Rested because I felt very tired.
2008-08-02 Headland 50. Pull at 35-40 miles. Hold back. LT on the uphills, Mpace effort Got the date of the race wrong again. So did the Mt. Diablo run. Hiked up from the trail head through the Eagle Peak Trail, then dropped down to the road to the Juniper camp ground and then took the lower summit trail and summit trail to the summit. The climbs felt hard and it was hot as hades. Rested, ate and hydrated for 5 mins at the summit and ran back down on the Summit Trail, Lower summit trail, Deer Flat Rd and then Mitchell Canyon Rd. Ran the complete way down. Felt reasonably good at the finish in spite of it being in the low 90s. Had 1 e-gel, 1 Honey Stinger chews, 1 PowerBar Gel blast and 2 salt caps for a total of about 500 calories. Had a bottle of Naked Juice Protein zone at the finish and a Red Bull.
2008-08-03 Take it easy. X-training or Recovery run 45-70 mins or up to 90 mins in 2/3a Did the Skyline 50K near Lake Chabot. The weather was perfect and I had a great race. Very nice rolling course. Ran most of the uphills except the really steep ones. Ran the flats and downhills and finished really strong in 5:42. That was a PR for the 50K distance.
2008-08-04 Off Off
2008-08-05 Recovery Run for 45-70 mins Did this on my regular recovery route. 5.19 miles in 48:22 for an average pace of 9:19 with an average HR of 130. Felt pretty good.

June 29, 2008

Week in training: 6/23-6/29

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Mon, 23-Jun-2008: Scheduled day off. Travel back to SF at an ungodly hour.

Tue, 24-Jun-2008: 45-70 mins recovery run. Did this along Embarcadero, around AT&T Park up to Green St and back. Here is the link to the run.

Wed, 25-Jun-2008: 75-90 mins in zone 2 and 3a. 10-15 mins in zone 2, rest in 3a. 10-12 strides for 30 secs with recovery of 1:30-2:00. Did this again along the Embarcadero. The strides turned out to be hard especially the last couple. My hamstrings were tight and my legs did not have it in them.

Thu, 26-Jun-2008: 120 mins, 20-25 min WU zone 2/3a, 8-10 miles at MPace and 10 min CD. Since my legs felt dead I waited until the evening to do this run. Did this along the Embarcadero all the way to the end of Crissy Field and back. I was pushing the pace all the way and did 13.85 miles in a little over 2:03. Woohoo. A sub 2 hour half marathon for the first time ever. That euphoria was short lived because I was very sore, cold and miserable for the rest of the night so much so that I had to sleep with a fleece jacket on and I was still cold. I woke up the next morning feeling fine. Here is the link to the route I ran.

Fri, 27-Jun-2008: 45-70 min recovery run. Same as Tuesday. Did this along Embarcadero, around AT&T Park up to Green St and back. Here is the link to the run that was done in slightly less than 50 mins. A tad fast for a recovery run by I felt good. Stupid Garmin HRM chewed up the HR profile for this run.

Sat, 21-Jun-2008: Long LT hill repeats. 20-30 min WU, climb between 30-40 mins twice with 154-156 HR, run the downhills hard, maintain even splits and 30 min CD. Did this in Marin Headlands. Took the wrong trail and ended up doing this on the Rodeo Valley Trail (2 miles, 800 ft). To make up for the shorter trail I ended up doing 3 repeats. The uphill times were 25:xx, 24:xx and 24:xx and the downhill times were 17:xx, 16:xx, 15:xx. Ran as much of the uphill as I could. Here is the link to the run. Total of about 12 miles in a little over 2:07. Had a gel after each hill repeat. Felt good at the end although my hamstrings were sore.

Sun, 29-Jun-2008: Steep technical trails. 6-7 hours. zone 2/3a for 1-2 hours, 3b rest, 4a on the uphills in the latter part of the run, run the downhills hard. Did this on the trails in Mt. Diablo starting from the Mitchell Canyon trail head. The route was Mitchell Canyon trailhead -> Eagle trail -> Deer Flat Road -> Juniper Trail -> Summit Trail -> Summit Trail -> Lower Juniper Trail -> Deer Flat Road -> Mitchell Canyon Rd back to Trailhead in 4:07. It was hot and the air quality was pretty bad above 2000 ft. In spite of consuming more than 90 ozs. of water I was quite dehydrated. It did not help that I forgot my salt capsules on a hot day. I was sweating profusely throughout the run. Reached the summit in 2:37. Ran the downhill hard. By the time I returned to the trail head I was cooked. My hamstrings were sore and my legs did not have the pep. On top of it I was nauseous. I could have gone out and slugged it out for another 2 hours but decided to call it a day because it was hot and I did not have any salt caps. I consumed 2 gels and 3 Honey stinger energy chews for a total of 900 cals during the run. After the run I consumed 40 ozs of Mt. Dew and 20 ozs of Clif Recovery drink and did not pee for another three hours. Lesson learned.

Summary: What was turning out to be a great week ended on a sour note.

Week in training: 6/16-6/22

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Mon, 16-Jun-2008: Scheduled day off. Travel to NYC. Arrived at NYC very late and ended up in a smoking room.

Tue, 17-Jun-2008: 45-70 mins recovery run. Did this in the hotel treadmill in NYC. 5.9-6 mph at 1% grade for 45 mins and 10 min cool down with walking. Supposed to be recovery run but HR was high probably because of being tired due to lack of sleep and the hot gym.

Wed, 18-Jun-2008: 75-90 mins in zone 2 and 3a. 10-15 mins in zone 2, rest in 3a. 10-12 strides for 30 secs with recovery of 1:30-2:00. If doing it on the TM use 7-10-12% grade and add 5-10 secs to stride duration. 30 mins running at 5.6 mph at 1% grade, 12 strides-first 7 at 5.6 mph and 7-7.5% grade for 45 secs and 1:15 recovery, next 3 at 5.8 mph and 7-7.5% grade for 45 secs and 1:15 recovery, last 2 at 5.9 mph and 7-7.5% grade for 45 secs and 1:15 recovery, rest of the run at 6.0 mph and 1% grade. 3 min cool down.

Thu, 19-Jun-2008: Uphill Tempo effort, 20-25 mins WU in zone 2 and 3a, 40-45 mins at TPace HR in the upper 150s, 15 min CD. Did this run on the TM at the hotel gym again. 20 min WU with the first 5 minutes walking. 40 mins at 5% grade and 5.6 mph. 10 mins cool down walking. Felt good but HR was not in required zone though. Maybe that’s why I felt good!

Fri, 20-Jun-2008: 45-70 min recovery run. Decided to drive from home to Sheridan, WY to pace a friend in one stretch rather than break it up over Thu and Fri. Found out the hard way that there is a 64 mile stretch with no gas station. Fortunately a state trooper drove by a minute after I ran out of gas. He was extremely nice to drive me to Kaycee, WY and back to get some gas. Phew. Given that I’ll be pacing 53 miles I decided to bag the recovery run unless you count the fact that I picked up my runner at around 11:00pm. Yeah. That’s it. I did do the recovery run.

Sat, 21-Jun-2008: Pacing Terri at Big horn 100. Terri was having a great race. She was ahead of her fastest projection and was looking good when I picked her up at Pacer Junction around 11:00pm. But the wheels started coming off slowly and she had to fight through some tendon inflammation. We covered the ~53 miles in 19:xx but Terri was a trooper and finished in 31:10. For the first 12 hours of pacing my stomach had gone south. I had to visit the bushes multiple times until I figured out what the problem was. Anytime I tried to run (trying to encourage Terri to run) my stomach cramps kicked in. Finally it occurred to me that it could be because of gas and, lo and behold, letting it rip whenever I felt the pressure build solved the problem. Until that time I was surviving on water and Mountain Dew. After that I was able to eat salt and potatoes with no issues. Felt a little sore and tired when done with pacing. Slept like a log through the night.

Sun, 22-Jun-2008: Nada. Zip. Drove back home from Sheridan, WY after meeting Scott at the BH awards ceremony breakfast. And this time I did not run out of gas although I was pushing my luck. Will I ever learn? Surprisingly I was only mildly sore and my quads felt great.

Summary: Overall a great week. I was afraid I was not going to be able to get all the workouts in due to work but it turned out much better than I expected. I got all the key workouts in and felt good.

June 15, 2008

Week in training: 6/9-6/15

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All weekday workouts this week were done in San Francisco and both weekend workouts were done in CO.

Mon, 9-Jun-2008: Scheduled day off. Travel back from CO to San Francisco at a god-awful hour. Tired and coming down with a cold.

Tue, 10-Jun-2008: 45-70 mins recovery run in Zone 2. Was planning on bagging this run but since Pat was in town we ended up going to Marin headlands to do this run late in the evening. Started from Rodeo Beach to Coastal Trail to Wolf Ridge Trail to Miwok trail to Old Springs trail turning around half a mile short of the Tennessee Valley trail head. Total time 1:40 for between 7 and 8 miles and about +/- 1300 ft. HR was is the 150-160 range during all the climbs.

Wed, 11-Jun-2008: 60-75 mins in zone 2 and 3a. Not feeling good after yesterday’s run. Bagged it.

Thu, 12-Jun-2008: Tempo effort, 20-25 mins WU in zone 2 and 3a, 5 mins in 3b MPace, 20-25 mins Uphill 5-7% grade, 10-15 mins CD. Still not feeling good. On top of feeling bad I felt quite tired but felt guilty for skipping yesterday’s run. So I did a recovery run lasting a little over 49:00 mins. As the HR chart below indicates my HR was surely elevated for a recovery effort.

Fri, 13-Jun-2008: Scheduled day off. I was thinking of doing yesterday’s missed tempo run but better sense prevailed and I slept in a little longer.

Sat, 14-Jun-2008: 75-90 mins in 3a on trail or roads, go by feel. Did this from my house in CO on the roads. Started at 11:15 am when it was already 85F. Felt good on the way out but struggled on the way back on the long gradual uphill. Total time 1:32 for 9 miles. Here is the HR chart for the run.

Sun, 15-Jun-2008: 2 hours on trails, 20-30 mins in zone 2 and 3a, 3b on the ups, 2 and 3a flats and downhills and 20 mins on 4a/3b. Did this on the Round Mountain Trail near Loveland, CO with Dale. It was quite hot in spite of starting very early. 4.9 miles of very rocky uphill and back for a total of 9.8 mile and +/- 3000 ft in about 3:15. Here is the profile chart for the run.

Summary: Quite a few of the runs felt harder than usual for it being a recovery week. My HR was surely elevated and I was fighting coming down with a cold.

Week in training: 6/2-6/8

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All weekday workouts this week were done in San Francisco and both weekend workouts were done in CO.

Mon, 2-Jun-2008: Scheduled day off.

Tue, 3-Jun-2008: 70-90 mins: 10 mins WU in zone 2, rest in 3a except for strides, 7-10 strides for 30 secs with 1:30-2:00 recovery between strides. Did this on my regular route along the bay on Embarcadero to Ft. Mason. Did 8 strides on the Ft. Mason hill (4 of those strides were longer in duration 1:00-1:30). Here is the HR chart.

The work out went longer (1:40) than planned because I underestimated the distance.

Wed, 4-Jun-2008: 45-70 mins recovery run, zone 2. Once again did this along the bay on Embarcadero. Total time 56:00 mins. Here is the HR chart for the run.

Thu, 5-Jun-2008: Tempo run 90+ mins. Warm up 20-25 mins in zone 2 and 3a, 5 mins at Mpace, 2×15 mins @ TPace with 3 mins recovery in between with HR in 3a, 10 mins at TPace and cool down for 15-20 mins. Did this along the bay on Embarcadero, over the Ft. Mason hill to Cervantes Blvd and Marina and back. I was running short of time and had to cut short the run to 1:10 by eliminating the cool down rather than the TPace sections. My legs felt dead during the last TPace section of 10 mins. Here is the HR chart for the run.

Fri, 6-Jun-2008: 45-70 mins recovery run. Once again did this along the Bay on Embarcadero. Here is the HR chart for the run lasting about 49:00 mins.

Sat, 7-Jun-2008: Flipped the runs for Saturday and Sunday. Sunday’s run called for 4 hours on hilly terrain with 4000+ ft in 3a and 3b most of the time and 4a on the uphills in the second half. Did this in Rocky Mountain National Park on the Old Fall River Road with Dale and Karen. Felt good most of the time. Climbed about 6.5 miles from 8600ft to 10900 ft, went back down 2.25 miles to 10100 ft and back up to 10900 ft and all the way back down to the car. Had 4 Clif shot bloks packets and a gel during the run. After the run consumed a bottle of Naked Juice Protein zone and a sumptuous Mexican lunch shortly there after. Total distance 17.2 miles in 4:18 with stops along the way to wait for Karen to catch up.

Sun, 8-Jun-2008: 2-2.5 hours MPace run: 20-30 min in zones 2 and 3a, every 15 mins increase pace 3a-3b, 30-45 mins 4a/MPace (6-8 miles), then 10-20 mins cool down. Did this on the roads starting next to my house on a slightly rolling course. Did a total of 12.6 miles in 2:06. Here is the HR chart for the run.

Summary: This was a hard week and I felt it after the run on Sunday. Felt quite tired on Monday and promptly came down with a mild cold after the early flight on Monday.

June 1, 2008

Week in training: 5/26-6/1

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All workouts this week were done in San Francisco. The HR zones I used were: high 120s-mid 130s for recovery workouts, low to high 140s for MPace workouts and mid 150s to mid 160s for TPace workouts.

Mon, 26-May-2008: Scheduled day off. Finished the drive to San Francisco stopping at IKEA on the way to pick up a couple of chair and a foot stool for the apartment. Moved in the apartment with Anson’s help, put away all the stuff and assembled the chairs and foot stool.

Tue, 27-May-2008: 45-70 mins recovery run, easy terrain. Gmap Pedometer link to the run is here. Total distance was 6.6 miles in 1:08 with average HR at 137.

Wed, 28-May-2008: 75-90 mins. 5-7 strides 20-30 secs long at 90% with 1.5-2 mins recovery. Gmap Pedometer link to the run is here. Total distance 8.6 miles in 1:20 with average HR in the mid 140s and maximum HR at the end of the strides were in the 162-165 range.

Thu, 29-May-2008: Tempo run 60-75 mins. Warm up 20-25 mins in zone 2 and 3a, 5 mins at Mpace, 15-20 mins @ TPace and cool down for 15-20 mins. Gmap Pedometer link to the run is here. Warm up for 20:00 with 132 as Avg. HR, 30 mins for both MPace and TPace sections with maximum HR in the mid 150s and avg HR in the high 140s, Cool down for 11:05 with avg HR of 136 and maximum HR of 155. Total distance 6.85 miles in 1:01:13.

Fri, 30-May-2008: 45-70 mins recovery run. Gmap Pedometer link to the run is here. Total distance 5.81 miles in 57:33. Average HR was 132.

Sat, 31-May-2008: Long run fairly flat. 20-30 mins in zone 2 and 3A, 3-6 miles at MPace and cool down. Gmap Pedometer link to the run is here. Zones 2 and 3A were in the high 120s to low 130s, the MPace HR was in the mid 140s to low 150s. Felt great the entire time. Total distance 10 miles in 1:34 including warm up and cool down.

Sun, 1-Jun-2008: 3-3.5 hours on trails with hills. 15-20 min in zone, 1 hr zone 3a and the rest with uphills 3b, flats 3a, downhills 2-3a. Did this run with Kent starting from the Tennessee valley trail head to Old springs Trail to Miwok Trail to Wolf Ridge Trail down to Rodeo Valley on the Coastal Trail, back up the road that Miwok 100k uses through the Lagoon Trail, down the road to Slacker Trail to Coastal Trail to SCA Trail to Rodeo Valley Trail to Miwok Trail to Marincello Trail to the trail head. I felt great the entire time and ran quite a few of the hills except for the steep hills. Total distance was 15.75 miles in just under 3:30. Average HR was in the 140-150 range with it being as high as 165 while running uphill. Had 3 e-gels and 2 Honey Stinger fruit chews during the run along with 70 ozs of water.

Summary: Overall a great week of running. It has been a very, very long time since I have run 6 days in a week. Last time I can remember doing it was during the Marathon des Sables in 2005. It helps to be able to have a lot of oxygen. The same effort and intensity would have been a mighty struggle in Colorado.

May 21, 2008

A new beginning

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For the past 8 months I have been winging it with respect to training. Don and Gillian from Zombierunner helped me with great advice while training for Coyote Two Moons and I thought I went in to the race well trained. But factors outside my control caused me to DNF there. Since I have been devising my own training plan I have seen significant degradation in my performance resulting in 5 straight DNFs in 100 milers (or 100 mile attempts in 24 hour events). So, thanks to my friend Karen’s recommendation, I am now being coached by Scott Jurek. I am resurrecting this blog after a few months to keep track of my training as well as using it as a mode of communication with Scott during our conference calls. I am looking forward to working with Scott and if the first conference call is any indication I can already see that he is going to help me train better and get faster but there is a lot of work to be done between now and then (wherever then is). This week is recovery week with a 10K time trial on Friday so that Scott can determine what my pace needs to be for the different kinds of runs.

20-May-2008: 30 mins recovery at the gym on the elliptical machine at level 10. Felt good for most of the workout but during the last 5 mins I could feel my blood sugar dip fast and fatigue setting in. I guess I am still recovering from the 39 mile effort at Massanutten. Maximum HR was 149 and average HR was 137. Cooled down for 5 mins and then stretched for another 10 mins.

21-May-2008: 45-60 mins recovery run, easy terrain. Did this with Ed, Colleen and Ed’s colleague on the Mt. Falcon trail system near Morrison, CO. This was the first time I ran this trail and did not realize the amount of climbing this trail had. Run statistics 5.6 miles, 38 mins to the top excluding a couple of breaks and 28 mins down with an altitude profile of +/-1600ft. Felt great through out the run except I was working hard during the climb.

22-May-2008: 45-70 mins recovery run, a little faster in zone 3A. I don’t know yet what that zone translates to because that is based on a 10K time trail that was schedule for Friday. Unfortunately the skies looked pretty ominous and I took this work out indoors. I ran on the TM at 1.5% grade @ 5.1 mph for 48 mins after which I cooled down by walking for 8 mins and stretching for 10 mins after that.

23-May-2008: This was supposed to be a 10K time trial day but I had to skip all work outs due to an emergency at home.

24-May-2008: Did the time trail in the morning on the Fairview HS track in Boulder, CO. Woke up early and hit the track after a light breakfast. Warmed up by doing 5 laps on lane 5. Then did 25 laps on lane 5 after which I cooled down with a couple of laps on lane 7 and some walking on the infield. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast I was able to run the 10K. In fact this was my fastest 10K by a long stretch (more than a 6 minute PR) although I have not run a 10K in ages. In terms of effort although it wasn’t a full out effort it was pretty close to it but I didn’t feel like puking at the end. Here are the statistics from the run:

1 Lap Time Lap Avg. HR Lap Max HR Comment Lane #
2 0:12:44 140 158 Warm up Jog, 5 laps 5
3 0:02:23 149 153 5
4 0:02:13 154 156 5
5 0:02:16 156 157 5
6 0:02:16 158 159 5
7 0:02:14 159 161 5
8 0:02:12 161 163 5
9 0:02:14 161 162 5
10 0:02:13 162 165 5
11 0:02:13 164 166 5
12 0:02:15 164 166 5
13 0:02:13 164 166 5
14 0:02:13 166 167 5
15 0:02:12 166 168 5
16 0:02:15 165 167 5
17 0:02:10 165 168 5
18 0:02:13 167 169 5
19 0:02:12 166 168 5
20 0:02:14 166 168 5
21 0:02:14 165 168 5
22 0:02:13 167 169 5
23 0:02:14 166 168 5
24 0:02:16 166 168 5
25 0:02:15 167 168 5
26 0:02:14 167 169 5
27 0:02:08 169 171 5
28 0:09:45 149 170 Cool down Jog 7
29 0:03:43 130 143 Cool down walk infield
31 Summary:
32 Total Distance 6.63 Miles
33 Total Time 0:55:45
34 Avg Pace 0:08:25
35 Max HR 171
36 Avg HR 163.2

25-May-2008: Scheduled off. Drove from Lafayette, CO to Roseville, CA on the way to San Francisco, CA.

March 17, 2008

Week in training: 3/10-3/16 – Week 2 of taper

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Mon: Scheduled off and travel.

Tue-Thu: AM in SF. I can’t remember what I did exactly but I did run for 1 hour on the TM on one of those day and half hour on another of those days with x-training on the other days.

Fri: Scheduled off

Sat: AM in SF. I pounded the pavement along Embarcadero all the way to Chrissy Field and back and then to AT&T park and back. The route is here. I ran with no fluids or nutrition. I wasn’t intending on going that far or long but got carried away. I felt it after the run and ended up having a very sumptuous breakfast at Noah’s Bagel afterwards. I was sore.

Sun: AM in SF. Did a loop starting at Rodeo Beach, up Coastal Trail, down Wolf ridge tail to Miwok Trail to Bobcat trail and back to Rodeo beach. The route is here. I hydrated well and felt good at the end of the “short” run that took me about 1:30 at a leisurely pace. Then I hung around watching the surfers until Jason finished his run. What a gorgeous day to be running trails in CA.

Plan for the next week:

Tue: 30 mins running

Wed: 30 mins x-training

Thu: Hiking and bowling

Fri-Sun Coyote 2 Moons 100 miler

Week in training: 3/3-3/9 – Week 1 of taper

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Mon-Fri: All in the AM in CO. I had to tone down the intensity of all workouts as I was feeling really tired every day. I did get all the planned workouts for week days in but at a lower intensity level.

Sat: AM in CO. Did parking lot to summit of Belcher trail, back down to the lowest point at the bridge, back up to the summit of Belcher trail and back to the parking lot. The trail was a muddy mess and I had to post-hole in the last part of the climb to the summit. As the day progressed the trail got worse and I was glad to be doing only two repeats. I felt okay for most of the time and it took me about 3:50 for both the repeats and 13.5 miles.

Sun: AM in CO. Did a recovery walk on the TM at the gym for 1 hour with my usual climbing interval except the middle section was repeats of 5 mins at 12.5% and 15%.

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